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About Me  

Well frens its meh Shrijana.Well talking about me I am a fun loving gal who enjoys each moment of life as it comes. Life is nothing but just a thought, for meh it is indeed a journey not just a bed of roses but sometimes a bunch of thorns as well. I am infact a very sensitive gal who gets emotional very easily I am just like coconut may appear a bit hard from outside but much more soft from inside. I am a bit superstitious as well as i believe there are some magic in stars above which relates people with each other and i have so much faith in god which i feel is the basic instinct for my positivity.


Date of Birth: 24 th Dec


Birth Place: Ktm,Nepal


Zodiac Sign:Capricorn


Hobbies: Playing Basket-ball,Reading books esp those related to human life basically from the writers Samrat Upadhyaya,John Gray and Sigmund Fried.


I Love:Collecting proverbs,dancing in almost all functions,singing in almost all songs esp those songs whose lyrics I know well :) Hanging out with my frens


I Trust: in the feelings of my heart coz that’s the instinct for my trust


Clothing: According to the occasion


Enjoy: Shopping,listening to sentimental music


Sports: Basketball and Swimming.


Idea of sleeping: Sleep all you want coz life’s too short


I'm afraid of: Losing the one who is close to my heart


I get irritated by: People who just talk and talk but doesn’t listen


I feel unhappy: When someone  gets hurt  unknowingly from me


Idea of romance: Candle light dinner  and coffee in a chilled winter  with fire aside


I regret: When I do something against my emotional feelings following the practical shriju in me


I hate: Those who boost a lot


Biggest Asset: Love


Fav. Color: Teal green(ofcourse)


Fav. Place: Pokhara


Fav. Food: Pizza (Yummy)


Fav. Actor: George Clooney, Adam Sandlar, Hrithik Roshan,Rajesh Hamal(Our Pride)


Fav. Actress: Drew Barrymore,Lindsay Lohan,Preeti Zinta,Niruta Singh


Fav. Singer: Udit Narayan


Nepalese Idol: Late Arun Thapa and Sister Nirmala


Passion: about singing and learning new things


Greatest Necessity:Trust


Strength: Love is the greatest strength i guess of all


My unforgettable date: 4th May 2006


Bores me: Repeating the same thing for long time


Songs that I never get tired: Ritu haru ma timi hariyali basanta hau by Late Arun Thapa and If tomorrow never comes by Ronan Keating


I avoid: People with unnecessary thoughts and ideas and those who backbite about others


Touches me: unconditional care


I believe In: Destiny


I have faith: on my god


In Future: I aspire to do something of my own


Book I love to read: about Astrology and with phycological concepts from Sigmund Fried


Movie I was touched by: 50 First Dates, Mistress Of Spices, Swades, Darpan Chaya


What a guy must have: Respect for women and faithfulness good looks comes after that


Breathtaking Moment: When we all frens went for roller coaster 6/7 yrs back


Bitter Moment: When someone doesn’t understand me and feels iam guity though iam innocent


Memorable Moment: When my best fren Pooja my sweet sis ,Munni Di and me we all 3 went to meet Jyotish and walked for hrs



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