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My Family  

I have a very small nuclear family with total of  5 members. At present we are four members. My father, my mother, my elder sister, me myself and my younger brother.

My sister got married few years back so at present we are just four members. We miss you Kamne that’s what I call to my sis with love.

My father is businessman he had a business of hardware but now he is involved in tourism sector and owns a money exchange so guys if u need to exchange u can contact me. :) I can do the honours ehehheh.

My mom is basically a housewife but she very often goes to our office to help dad. My sis, she is a housewife too currently before she was involved in few offices.

My brother is a commerce student ad aspires to do something in the feild of Commerce in future.

Well last but not the least, I forgot to include my two doggies, one Bruno, a Doberman breed and another Dorzee, a Lhasa Apso Breed. Unfortunately, Bruno got lost few years back while dad was taking Bruno out for a morning walk and now there is just my sweet small fuchhi Dorzee. Bruno was well trained and used to obey all rules whatever dad used to command like Sit, Sleep do Namaste to guest and so on. Being a Doberman breed he just used to follow the command of one master that’s of dad of courseJ  Dorzee was favourite among my sis and me as she was so small and so sweet.

Since from my childhood I am very much attached to my family’s traditions and customs and I am proud to be a part of it .

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